Fitbit versa – first week


  • Easily viewable in bright sunlight. I was worried about this at first, hoping this would be the watch that could do it.
  • My first week I played around with it quite a bit, but I got 5 days out of  the battery. Now that I’m done with playing I expect to get 6.


  • You can only load one watchface at a time. The Pebble Time and the Asus smartwatch 3 let you load more. Switching between watchfaces was quick and easy. To switch on the versa you need to find the face you want on the app and then load it. Every time…and this leads me to…
  • Loading watchfaces and apps takes way longer than it should.

I keep an LCARS watchface. I will check for new ones that very now and then. I’m happy with the versa. I’ve uninstalled the Pebble app from my phone. Still going to miss it.

Record Store Day

I’m back from processing my orders/finds from Record Store Day 2018. I actually got up “early” on a weekend to go 🙂

My three favourite bands are T.REX (be a longer post about them later),  Jethro Tull, and Deep Purple/Rainbow. yes, all British bands. 

I was able to get limited editions of all of them.

Other bands I collect are Hawkwind (which it seems very few people ever heard of), and Uriah Heep. yup, British bands there, too. See a theme? With the exception of Jazz and some Canadian bands (I’m from the Great White North) most north american music sucks dead bunnies. loud. I got lucky and got Record Store Day editions also.

Today. Was. A. Good. Day. 🙂

I also picked up a remastered “Dark Side of The Moon”. If that title means nothing to you don’t worry, just means you  know practically nothing when it comes to music…and probably never will.

A colleague at work introduced me to Sigur Rós and  I found the #RecordStoreDay album with “Olsen Olson” on it. They are an Icelandic band with  very unique sound. I’m also a big fan of #Pristine a Norwegian (my kin 🙂 ) Blues/rock band. Nothing from them today though.


Fitbit Versa – first impressions

Full disclosure: I’ve only been using it for about 24hrs. I’ll write about it again in a week or so. And a after 30 days (when some of the stats kick in.)

Tl;dr version, it may be one of the best non-Pebble smart watches, with a caveat or two.


  • The auto brightness. I don’t know how well it work in bright sunlight yet. That will be the real test. It’s supposed to put out 1000 nits, so we’ll see.
  • The touch interface is fast and responsive.
  • Battery life. I’ve been playing around with it a lot, but I can tell I will get 4+ days out of it. So as advertised.


  • It’s a little pricey. Obviously this is what the market will bear.
  • Setup. It will need to be updated first thing. Bluetooth will take too long. it was working out to taking 10hrs or so, for me but I never found out because the update kept failing. There is an option to use Wifi, but (and Apple devices are notorious for this despite the company going on about their security measures) it assumes you have medium security on your network. If you also use MAC addresses you have to resort to looking up “access denied ” entries in your router logs. So for me it was a 2 hr setup as opposed to 30 minutes.
  •  Not nearly enough apps or watch faces. The majority were probably written for the ionic which didn’t do all that well, so maybe the Versa will sell better and result in more apps.

comfort zone

it’s called the comfort zone for a reason. i find i like to do things in my comfort zone. i’ve always been introverted and mostly shy so i kept to a lot of hobbies that didn’t require participation of anyone else.  i tend to excel when i do that because i don’t have to think about what people think or how well i’ll do.

lately i’ve done a number of things completely outside of my comfort zone. with varying success:

– i joined a book club at work.  my goal was to read outside of my favourite genre (science-fiction). but i was only the only one doing that, and it felt like a book club of one, so i haven’t really participated since i realized the issue.

– i played guitar in front of everyone at work. my guitar skills are intermediate at best and i’ve never been comfortable “in front of the class”. so it was a challenge. i wore sunglasses so nobody could see how terrified i was.

do i like doing things outside of my comfort zone? absolutely not. there is a degree of  fun and everyone is polite and non-judgemental,  i feel relieved when it’s done. the anticipation is alway worse before i start.

Will i do anything more outside of my comfort zone again? absolutely. i’ll whine to everyone about it, but i will try to do the best of my ability at the time… and i’ll still feel relieved when it’s done.

it’s called life. lots of things are great, lots of things suck dead bunnies loud, but you don’t know about the latter if you never try.


gah… can’t believe i just typed all that in and meant it.

re-invigorating blogs

i don’t read many non-tech blogs. but somehow guilted me into keeping a regular blog schedule and i started to follow …somehow she also managed to bamboozle (this one also better written than mine ) and so i’m reading it too.

both are outside my comfort zone for reading, but i’m going to make them pay by blogging more than they do 🙂