Record Store Day

I’m back from processing my orders/finds from Record Store Day 2018. I actually got up “early” on a weekend to go 🙂

My three favourite bands are T.REX (be a longer post about them later),  Jethro Tull, and Deep Purple/Rainbow. yes, all British bands. 

I was able to get limited editions of all of them.

Other bands I collect are Hawkwind (which it seems very few people ever heard of), and Uriah Heep. yup, British bands there, too. See a theme? With the exception of Jazz and some Canadian bands (I’m from the Great White North) most north american music sucks dead bunnies. loud. I got lucky and got Record Store Day editions also.

Today. Was. A. Good. Day. 🙂

I also picked up a remastered “Dark Side of The Moon”. If that title means nothing to you don’t worry, just means you  know practically nothing when it comes to music…and probably never will.

A colleague at work introduced me to Sigur Rós and  I found the #RecordStoreDay album with “Olsen Olson” on it. They are an Icelandic band with  very unique sound. I’m also a big fan of #Pristine a Norwegian (my kin 🙂 ) Blues/rock band. Nothing from them today though.


5 thoughts on “Record Store Day

  1. Darcie in YGK

    Sigur Ros!! I took Print Journalism in college and ended up getting the ( ) album to review for our newspaper and love it so much!

  2. Tim McDonald

    I believe I like most of the bands you like for entirely different reasons. South of the border I would have to note Stevie Ray Vaughan as a stellar group worth collecting. I know most of my other choices wouldn’t make your cut.

    I personally don’t like jazz, however do a search for Lee Aaron’s jazz stuff. Outstanding. I was lukewarm to her metal period from the eighties, her jazz vocals blew me away.

    I know the other genres I like are completely off your radar also.

  3. I always found it fascinating, that we could have much the same musical interests, but when we diverge we *really* diverge 🙂

    forgot about SRV. I could have probably come up with a few bands. I was in a British frame of mind when I wrote that 🙂

  4. Tim McDonald

    AC/DC is another non-British band that I’ve collected as much as I could. They did have some dud albums between Back in Black and The Razors Edge. From what I recall you never found a taste for them.

    Yeah, I can’t imagine you dipping your toes into bluegrass whatsoever. For instance, I can’t see you feeling compelled to go purchase a banjo mostly influenced by this bluegrass version of Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath:

    I wonder what you think of the following. An instrumental acoustic duo from Ottawa, call their effort “Jazzgrass”:

  5. I’m a bit of a fan of Doug Kershaw who’s has a cajun style going for him. Look up “Diggy Diggy Lo” tell me what you think 🙂

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