Record Store Day

I’m back from processing my orders/finds from Record Store Day 2018. I actually got up “early” on a weekend to go 🙂

My three favourite bands are T.REX (be a longer post about them later),  Jethro Tull, and Deep Purple/Rainbow. yes, all British bands. 

I was able to get limited editions of all of them.

Other bands I collect are Hawkwind (which it seems very few people ever heard of), and Uriah Heep. yup, British bands there, too. See a theme? With the exception of Jazz and some Canadian bands (I’m from the Great White North) most north american music sucks dead bunnies. loud. I got lucky and got Record Store Day editions also.

Today. Was. A. Good. Day. 🙂

I also picked up a remastered “Dark Side of The Moon”. If that title means nothing to you don’t worry, just means you  know practically nothing when it comes to music…and probably never will.

A colleague at work introduced me to Sigur Rós and  I found the #RecordStoreDay album with “Olsen Olson” on it. They are an Icelandic band with  very unique sound. I’m also a big fan of #Pristine a Norwegian (my kin 🙂 ) Blues/rock band. Nothing from them today though.


15 thoughts on “Record Store Day

  1. Darcie in YGK

    Sigur Ros!! I took Print Journalism in college and ended up getting the ( ) album to review for our newspaper and love it so much!


  2. Tim McDonald

    I believe I like most of the bands you like for entirely different reasons. South of the border I would have to note Stevie Ray Vaughan as a stellar group worth collecting. I know most of my other choices wouldn’t make your cut.

    I personally don’t like jazz, however do a search for Lee Aaron’s jazz stuff. Outstanding. I was lukewarm to her metal period from the eighties, her jazz vocals blew me away.

    I know the other genres I like are completely off your radar also.


  3. I always found it fascinating, that we could have much the same musical interests, but when we diverge we *really* diverge 🙂

    forgot about SRV. I could have probably come up with a few bands. I was in a British frame of mind when I wrote that 🙂


  4. Tim McDonald

    AC/DC is another non-British band that I’ve collected as much as I could. They did have some dud albums between Back in Black and The Razors Edge. From what I recall you never found a taste for them.

    Yeah, I can’t imagine you dipping your toes into bluegrass whatsoever. For instance, I can’t see you feeling compelled to go purchase a banjo mostly influenced by this bluegrass version of Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath:

    I wonder what you think of the following. An instrumental acoustic duo from Ottawa, call their effort “Jazzgrass”:


  5. Tim McDonald

    I’ve heard that song before. Doug Kershaw was not on my radar. I did a search for some of his other stuff. He probably won’t be on my collect list.


  6. I have that! Turned it into an mp3 ages ago. A good song is a good song, doesn’t really make any difference what style you put to it (for me anyway). I’d draw that line at hearing that as a whiney country and western tune i think (i have my standards), but i like a fair bit of bluegrass.


  7. Yeah I don’t mind that. I’ve really expanded my musical tastes since we last talked face to face. Probably driving the algorithms crazy 🙂


  8. Tim McDonald

    I ordered the whole cd Black & Bluegrass. It is probably the best tribute album in a bluegrass style out there. Ironhorse has an excellent lead vocalist who doesn’t have the whiney, nasally or red-neck style that some groups have. In my mind it would rank about on par with Nativity in Black II or about even. Nativity in Black I would be where the bar is set – for any tribute album. Not sure if you collect tribute albums or not – like you say, a good song is a good song – like to hear interpretations.

    I don’t think an algorithm could guess what hits or misses are on my musical tastes.

    It has been probably over 15 years since we’ve met last, so I suspect they are significantly different. I know mine are. I think the last time we spoke you were considering listening to one of the following three bands, but I can’t recall which: AC/DC, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Def Leppard.

    Many years back when yahoo has a music streamer and rogers provided content through it free you could rate the music. I picked up a lot of new artists that way, but again, the algorithm would get “stuck” and it would start playing a LOT of stuff I didn’t like.

    As per tastes, I think I recall you saying that your preferred version of Summertime Blues was the Eddie Cochran-style where I prefer the Blue Cheer version. I think the live T.Rex version is leaning towards the Blue Cheer style though.


  9. Yeah I’ve heard that version, and agree, but the original recorded version found on various greatest hits albums, sounds closer to the eddie cochran version. I think it was Tom Petty i was getting into. the last year or so it’s been Robin Trower (check out his guitar work), Traffic, Blind Faith. I still tend to aim at the early ’70’s 🙂


  10. Tim McDonald

    I thought I had some Robin Trower albums, but it appears I don’t. I thought I had some Pat Travers stuff and had mixed up the names but apparently not. There was a huge cd collection I bought in an estate sale that was predominantly blues artists.


  11. Tim McDonald

    Someone you might want to check out is Samantha Fish. She does a wicked version of I Put a Spell On You on her Live Bait album. Same album is Shotgun, a song Vanilla Fudge also recorded. You can’t really compare it to their version though it comes up a tad short.


  12. Yeah, i have that tab pinned on my browser and listen to it quiet a bit. Best version of that song i’ve heard. and the lead she does towards the end is a jaw dropper. amazing the sounds she gets from open strings or with one finger on a fret… her version of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs is also pretty good.


  13. Tim McDonald

    Oh yeah her War Pigs cover is impressive also.
    Have you stumbled upon Gabriella Quevedo? She has a pile of covers all in fingerstyle.


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