Fitbit versa – first week


  • Easily viewable in bright sunlight. I was worried about this at first, hoping this would be the watch that could do it.
  • My first week I played around with it quite a bit, but I got 5 days out of  the battery. Now that I’m done with playing I expect to get 6.


  • You can only load one watchface at a time. The Pebble Time and the Asus smartwatch 3 let you load more. Switching between watchfaces was quick and easy. To switch on the versa you need to find the face you want on the app and then load it. Every time…and this leads me to…
  • Loading watchfaces and apps takes way longer than it should.

I keep an LCARS watchface. I will check for new ones that very now and then. I’m happy with the versa. I’ve uninstalled the Pebble app from my phone. Still going to miss it.

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