oblivious dragonfly

This week I had to wrack my brain to find something in the house that people ask about when they come over.

first problem is that we have very few people actually come over. so, nobody to ask about anything.

so kind of a twist, something we have hanging on the wall, and i think it was my brother-in-law (who’s an artist/art teacher) pointed it out to me:

Copy ink

so excuse the glare/reflection. i wasn’t taking it down off the wall, or out of it’s frame.

this is an india ink drawing of another painting, i don’t know who the original artist is so can’t credit them, but this drawing is a copy of that original and  was done by my sister.

looking at this photo, it’s obvious now, but when you look at it on the wall it’s not (well to me anyway). it was hanging there for years before i was told there was a  dragon fly “hidden” in the drawing. going over to the wall now it’s not nearly as obvious as it is in this image (which is an HDR shot).

zooming in shows there’s quite a bit of detail. but i was oblivious to it.

this one is asked about also. My sister was in Bangor, Maine, and took a photo of Stephen King’s house (apparently everybody does it).

this is a free hand  india ink drawing of that photo (ignore the bad shot, the detail is there.)


She also did a pencil drawing  of the “Changes One” Bowie album cover, that you’d be hard pressed to tell from the original.

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