favourite people

i know i shouldn’t. but i have favourite people.

Wife. sister. niece. parents and in-laws (yeah you read that right) don’t count.

it’s people at work. you read that right too.

there are people at work that i talk to the most. some for longer than 10 years, some for less. some of them know who they are. at least three of them have read this blog.

these people are fun to talk to. i go out of my way to talk to them. if i’m having a bad day (which thankfully doesn’t happen all that often), i can actually tell them, and rather than sympathy, i get encouragement. anywhere from “you got this” to “tell them to go eff themselves”. i rarely do the latter, but i usually triumph over adversity with the former.

so you people know who you are. just want to say thanks, and i hope to be able to return the favour.

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