lost blogs

a few years ago i used to rant about the squarespace blogging platform. and then they “upgraded”. you read that right. they fixed things until they were broken and i couldn’t use my blogging tool (MarsEdit). or my phone app. then they charged (i think yearly) after i closed my account. apparently i needed to follow their 37 steps to close the blog. but now i couldn’t…because i didn’t have an account anymore…i complained to them about it. i wasn’t nasty but i told them they shouldn’t make their customers jump through hoops before they jump ship. anyway i know i won’t be charged anymore when my credit card gets updated… i can’t wait to get that email ‘cause i got a really sarcastic reply all ready to go in response 🙂

a few week ago a colleague and i decided to re-invigorate our blogs. and during the process i discovered i had a wordpress blog i created a while back. i also have a blogger one, and a few others. long since abandoned.

her’s is here:  https://julieonwards.wordpress.com/

it’s much better written than mine and i find  i get a case of burning nostalgia when i read it because it brings up similar memories for me.

during the process of getting this one ready again, i found the customization options weren’t too bad. i haven’t settled on a look yet, this one is called “Lovecraft” which appealed to me so i thought i would work with it for a bit. so if you follow via the actual web page. you’ll probably see change if i get inspired 🙂

that photo is mine. taken when i lived in Europe. i think it’s somewhere in France

i may post older blogs as i have a bad tendency to refer to them and i don’t want to link to other pages but i do want to have some context available. i found the including links had a limited lifespan so i’ve stopped including them over the last few years.



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