the broken knuckle list gets longer

so the process goes something like this:

you break the knuckles of someone who has the authority to sign off on a particular tech or change in tech software. that way a stoopid decision can’t be made official and actually make it out to consumers.

mac osx is a perfect example of (and possibly near the top of the list) of stoopid decisions being made for the os and then actually implementing them, thus reducing the functionality of the os.

i’ve been subscribing to the internet only version of SiriusXM for a few years now, and the mobile  app has always had issues, but the other day there was an update to the app, taking away a major feature and making the app almost useless to use (i’m referring to the MYSXM feature).

on top of that the new version of the app features options for their new video content. you read that right, video content for an internet/satellite radio.

video for radio.

oh, and for the record i heard “Laurel” at the same time my wife heard “Yanni”. that was one of the freakier things that have happened to me.

Fitbit Versa – os update

over the weekend, the Fitbit Versa easily became the best smartwatch on the market.

why?  an os update gave android users the ability to reply with customized canned messages. And for what i was using the Pebble Time for, the Versa is now it’s equal.

i don’t think the capability will work on the Apple watch, but that’s ok, i think they can still send their heartbeat to other Apple watch users. <snrk>

as much as i like digitalocean and the blog i hosted there, it was a bit of a pain to maintain the server. that’s not a suprise with any diy site but my days of playing around with various tools are coming to an end. i’m very picky about the tech i play around with now, and i’ve decided that my blogging tools are not going to be one of them.

to that end, i’m moving my domain over to my wordpress page. right now i’m typing this as a draft, but when this blog goes live, it should be available via

it’s nice to be able to use Marsedit again, and probably time for me to upgrade.

an hour later: i upgraded Marsedit to v4. still waiting for my ISP to update their DNS. seems like everyone else on the internet has, but i can’t publish this until it’s updated:



but google knows:

dig @


so yeah, not as of two hours ago :/

24 hrs later: and my isp as rejoined the internet <snrk>

WordPress app

back when I created this blog there were no such things as apps, mainly because there were no smart phones at the time.

so I’m trying the app to type this in using a Dell venue 8

I continue to be impressed by the features available on the site and so far the app hasn’t taken away from my renewed enthusiasm.

I’m now starting to think of pointing my domain to this sight instead of the ghost based one it’s pointing to now.

I was reluctant to use a hosting site because if those sites don’t make enough money (or for some other esoteric reason) they disappear. Microsoft Spaces anyone?

WordPress has been around for over ten years so I think I’m OK 🙂

google reader

i checked out google reader again… and made the switch from the sage firefox extension.

i’ll still keep sage installed , but i really like using google reader now for rss feeds.

i’m finding it very handy to use firefox for instant messaging (with all the services), email, rss feeds. i don’t use meebo that much at home, but when it’s aways an option available to me.

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i’m a big fan of google. i’ve bought into most of the google applications. there’s a few i don’t use because i don’t like them. google desktop. google rss feeds. last time i used them i found them to cumbersome to use, but i’ll check them out again after i’ve posted this. i think google notebook has potential. it’s not there yet.

i’ve decided not put in a link of anything easily found in google. only the more obscure stuff. just about every link i’ve been to i can find on google.

if i can force even one reader of my blog to use google that’s potentially one less person i might have to blog about later…

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