nolE and Plume

So stupid things CEO’s do.

They buy a company, and decide that the product is so good (or so bad, take your pick) that they need to disallow any third party interaction.

Let’s face it. The default twitter app AND the web page suck dead bunnies loud. One really innovative app was called Tweetdeck.

Twitter bought them out, and I figured it was so they could shut it down. So far it’s still usable. It’s my goto Twitter app on a computer.

My default Twitter app on my phone is not the Twitter app itself. It was Plume. That link is spinning the drain as I type this.

You see, the CEO who’s “saving the world” <snrk> (Bwahahahaha) </snrk> , not the business genius some purport him to be.

IMO Apple SHOULD have dropped Twitter.

Oh, that means that those who paid legit money for third party Twitter apps just got ripped off, for no valid business reason.

Add another to the Broken Knuckle List.


Purely my opinon of course.

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