Hobbies (Gaming part I)


I’m going to review the games I’ve been playing.

In the approximate order I acquired them, these are my hobbies:

Reading, movies, writing, listening to music, Meccano, playing a musical instrument, RPG gaming, computers (in general), programming, PC gaming, photography, knife making, leatherworking.

Depending how I’m feeling, I jump around to whatever hobby appeals to me at the time. Right now it’s writing. 🙂

I won’t go through the history of my gaming (gah, i don’t think i’d want to read that myself 🙂 Speed history: burnt out on text adventures/RPG style games, didn’t really like side scrollers (although Impossible Mission and Lemmings was interesting), I liked simulation games (Simcity and the other Maxis games).

I’m a big fan of empire building games, from simple to complex. I like d Galactic Empire Builder on the C64 so much, I added AI to it, and eventually ported it to a Palmpilot.

Ok, rabbit hole 🙂 This is what the C64 version looks like. I installed a C64 emulator and found the game.

Should be a darker background and more colour.I don’t know what it is about the game I’m fascinated with, but I also have the basic of a Windows version. I wrote it in Tcl/Tk. I think I’m gonna have to work on it again. I still have the Palmpilot code I wrote and all the enhancements I I wrote for it (Adjustable AI, Orbital ships, etc.). I have the start of a Pebble watch version of the game …

I have a version I started in python. Looks like this:

I need to get back to it. Again, one of those hobbies that strikes me..

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