fitbit vs pebble

title is a bit unfair because there is no comparison. the pebble was probably the best smartwatch on the market.

ok, ok. you couldn’t send your hearbeat to another pebble user but i was able to live with that. <snrk>

and just a reminder the CEO of the failed pebble company is now a consultant for startups. blink. blink. how does that work?

iĀ  am on my third fitbit device so i’m not anti-fitbit. i think they missed a great opportunity by not buying the hardware portion of pebble.

i originally got a fitbit flex to track my sleep patterns. and to have colour coordination with various colour bands matching my wardrobe. dolphin laugh for at least one person reading this šŸ™‚

i will admit i liked the look of fitbit’s ionic watch very high tech looking but a little too pricey for me.

i got an email the other day about the fitbit versa. first thing i thought when i saw it was that it looked a lot like the pebble time. and after further research i found among other things, that it had watchfaces, apps, and a cloud based development platform… just like the pebble had.

ok i’m on board šŸ™‚

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