thanks again timster

yup, for effing up osx even further.

for you osx fanboys here's some the stuff you are saying is "better"

  • no windowshades
  • no spaces
  • no scrollbar arrows
  • no gui customization whatsoever
  • "protecting" osx so that none of the above will work, or any future other innovative software
  • security updates released

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thanks tim

...for continuing to eff up osx

ok, i'm guessing i should thank him. latest version of osx pretty much screwed the menumeters guys. i've been using menumeters since 2008 when i had to give up on windows. i guess there's some internal signature thing that osx needs to make it

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Blue Spruce

Took this with an AF-S DX Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED lens a few years ago.

It's a blue spruce in my backyard:

blue spruce will keep it as the bg image for awhile.

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windows 10

spent the last few months with the windows 10 tech preview, and a few weeks ago go the notification on my win7 laptop about the "reservation for windows 10".

installed it last night.

of all the things that MS as ripped off of Apple (regardless of how you feel about

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the ceo broken knuckle list

i guess i should explain the title.

in order to prevent someone from signing off on a particular project, an effective method might be breaking their knuckles. if you've ever tried to sign anything with broken knuckles... 'nuff said

so today i struggled with an HP printer on a new

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