the smartwatch problem

i said the Pebble was dead to me. i like to think it was just a result of my disappointment with the company. i've only had this particular feeling once before.

let me digress.

my favourite band is T.REX. fandom/obsession does't even come close :) i once spent $90

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BOHICA from Pebble

a few years ago i got together with some long time friends at a local brew pub. we didn't really talk about old times as much as we complained about our respective jobs. ok not complained, but "here's a stupid thing they made me do at work" conversation.

one of

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programming languages III

fastforward again to linuxfest northwest in bellingham wa. i was in a debugging session and someone mentioned a a threading problem he was having in Go. i had never heard of Go which is probably what piqued my interest. good chance that guy is not reading this, but his problem

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onenote vs evernote

tthere is no tl;dr version of this.

somewhere between jul 2006 and mar 2008 I paid for 2 copies of onenote. i didn't like the price ($100+ cdn) but i loved the organizational abilities of the note taking software.

and then in mar 2008, through no fault of windows

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programming languages II

so continuing: I didn't run windows at time but i did have a perl archive for windows. I ended up the moderator for the perl echo at one point.

life got interesting for me in the next few years. fast forward to the summer of 2002 and the language i

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