stranger things 3

full disclosure i'm a big #strangerthings fan.

i can't quite put my finger on why i like it so much, but i identify a lot with the mike wheeler character. i've been a geek/nerd since about the same age he is in the show. never had to fight a demogorgon so i got lucky there :)

i'm one of the few people that think the first season was darker than the second. i came to this conclusion on my 4th watch through the show.

i've been googling around to see just how popular the show really is, and it's a lot bigger than i originally thought. people are invested in the characters. all you have to do is watch the react videos on youtube to see that.

i've read (on various web sites) that the duffer brothers have said the kids can't stay in hawkins forever (ie s2e7). and that relationships at that age last maybe 2 weeks, etc.

this got me to thinking that they really want to re-think those two statements. because as good as season 1 and 2 were, season 3 has the potential to tank big time.

i'll go out on a limb and say nobody wants another s2e7. period. and if you (ie the duffer brothers) think #mileven is only gonna last 2 weeks, then you need to read the internet. yup. all of it. and then watch all the #mileven video cuts on youtube. yup, all of them too. i'll go to the very tip of that limb and say that the internet is mostly responsible for stranger things being as popular as it is.

and it can be cruel too. which is what they will find out if they don't at least cave to a few things the fans want to see.

i'm going to make the prediction now that i think they will take people outside of the their hawkins comfort zone to the point where they won't care about a season 4. we'll see