Screwing up the Mac

Andy Ihnatko has complained about this on MacBreak weekly.

Incremental changes with each iteration of OSX while just annoying right now, in the longer term they add up to something no better than windows.

And Steve jobs is not coming back to get Apple back on the path.

So I switched from using a crippling iOS on an iPhone to Android (oh but the fragmentation!) yeah whatever, even the earliest Android is still better than what iOS turned into.

Then I followed suit with the switch from the iPad to <insert any android tablet maker here>. Never looked back. Once out of the apple ecosystem I could safely ignore the applewatch, I went with a Pebble instead.

I still use a Mac mainly because I have an substantial investment in video and photography applications. When I can get that kind of functionality in Linux I'll be done with the Mac. please, no mentions of the gimp, if I want to handcraft every pixel like Photoshop could do circa 2005 I'd use it.

Snow leopard was probably the last really good version of OSX. don't get me wrong I've got an equal number of complaints about various aspects Linux (and of course windows), but those two OS's are improving with each release.