K-Tel - Out of Sight

i didn't have a stereo (what we called it back in the '70's) or even a transister radio (what we called those tubeless things that delivered music :) so my exposure to the world of music was pretty limited, other than the country and western that my parents listened to.

K-Tel was a company (based out of Winnipeg) that cranked out "greatest hits" type albums on vinyl. AM versions of songs tended to be shorter than album versions, they were edited down for radio play. K-Tel sometimes edited the songs down even further. i'm guessing so that could get 10 songs one each side of the vinyl.

First K-Tel album i got as a gift was called Out of Sight. I probably listened to this album a thousand times. Maybe more.

This was the track listing on the Canadian version of the album:

  • I Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton
    • much later i heard the Reggae version of this song (Bob Marley) and thought it was much better. never really got into Eric Clapton.
  • Shang-A-Lang - Tinker's Moon
    • it turns out this was only a hit in Canada (it doesn't appear on the U.S. version) and until recently you couldn't find this youtube. it didn't come from any album it was only released as a single on '45. Bay City Roller's also do a version of this song.
  • Piano Man - Billy Joel
    • this is the only billy joel song i can listen to.
  • The Need To Be - Jim Weatherly
    • i always skipped this song. it's whiney and bland. it was a pita to lift the needle to the next track
  • The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace
    • this is one of the only two songs i've heard from the band. i think they were from the U.K.
  • Sugar Baby Love - The Rubettes
    • pop music at it's best :)
  • The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies
    • not sure if graham nash was with the band for this song or not. if he wasn't you wouldn't miss him. great tune, and different from the '60's pop sound most people are used to.
  • Wild Thing - Fancy
    • i like it better than the troggs version
  • Please Come To Boston - Dave Loggins
    • probably a little whiney, dave loggins has a good voice
  • Crazy Talk - Chilliwack
    • i like their early songs. they had a big hit in '81 (My Girl) which i found a little annoying. the song now the fact it was a hit :)
  • Satuday Night's Alright For Fighting - Elton John
    • this was the first Elton John song i'd ever heard. and the first time i'd heard of Elton John. i remember i thought his name was backwards
  • TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) - MFSB featuring the Three Degrees
    • i tended to skip this song on the album also. the music just didn't appeal to me
  • So You Are A Star - The Hudson Brothers
    • "no thanks i'm trying to cut back"
  • Let's Put It All Together - The Stylistics
    • i usually skipped this song also
  • Steppin' Out (Gonna Boogie Tonight) - Tony Orlando & Dawn
    • not a big fan but i new i was probably gonna skip the next song too so i didn't listen to it every time
  • I Feel A Song (In My Heart) - Gladys Knight & The Pips
    • usually skipped
  • One Hell Of A Woman - Mac Davis
    • mac davis is generally known as a country and western star but this was a crossover hit for him
  • Star - Stealers Wheel
    • very first time i'd heard anything involving Gerry Rafferty. great song.
  • Rings - Lobo
    • no boo in this song, and you don't really hear it anymore even on SiriusXM (more about SiriusXM in a later post)
  • Ramona - Stampeders
    • one of their heavier tunes. i had a chance to see them locally a few years ago, and i have to admit that i was REALLY looking forward to this song, i didn't know how big a song it was for them. reunion tours (for any band) usually only have the hits in their sets. they did the song, and turned out to be a big audience participation number. it was worth the price of admission for me